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Products > > ENC2b: AS5047P High Resolution Magnetic Encoder.

Based on the amazing AS5047P chip, this encoder senses the position of a two pole radially magnetized disk over a full revolution using a hall effect sensor array. The sensor signal changes are converted to a digital quadrature signal, and the position information stored as absolute position data on some registers, which are readable through a 3 wire synchronous serial interface. Standard quadrature Index, A and B phase signals are also generated just like any standard encoder.

  • 4000 CPR, 28,000 RPM
  • Non-contact magnetic sensor.
    - No need to mechanically attach to a shaft, just epoxy a small magnet in place.
    - Alignment isn`t critical. As long as the magnetic field is generally over the chip, within 1/2 inch, it will work quite well
  • The onboard LED indicates that the board is powered, and provides easy testing the alignment of the IC with respect to the magnet.
  • Multiple connection / cable options are supported.
  • Standard Quadrature A and B phase outputs, as well as SPI digital comms.

level: easy.
ENC2b: AS5047P High Resolution Magnetic Encoder. $24.95 Backordered!   Expected in 27 weeks

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