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HTML Reference


Tag Description
!-- Comments. Any text between tags will not display in the browser.
!DOCTYPE Describes the HTML version used in the current document.
A Stands for anchor. Attributes create hyperlinks and named references.
ADDRESS Specifies a mailing address.
APPLET Embeds a Java applet. See OBJECT.
AREA Specifies the shape of a "hot spot" in a client-side image map.
B Changes text to bold. See STRONG.
BASE Specifies a document's URL.
BASEFONT Sets the base font value.
BGSOUND Adds background sounds that play on initial load.
BIG Enlarges the font size.
BLOCKQUOTE Sets apart a quotation in text.
BODY Specifies the beginning and the end of the document body. See HEAD.
BR Inserts a line break.
CAPTION Specifies a caption for a table. Valid only within the TABLE element.
CENTER Centers text and images.
CITE Indicates a citation. Used to present a book, paper, or other published source material.
CODE Presents a code sample.
COL Sets the properties of a column.
COLGROUP Sets the properties of one or more columns as a group.
COMMENT Indicates a comment. Text in a comment element does not display in a browser.
DD Specifies definition data. Used to format the text for a definition. See DL, DT.
DFN Specifies a definition. Formats a defined term.
DIR Denotes a directory list.
DIV Sets a document division. Groups related elements together within a document.
DL Denotes a definition list. Used for a list of defined terms. See DT, DD.
DT Specifies a definition term. Used to format the defined term. See DL, DD.
EM Emphasizes text, usually by rendering text in italic.
EMBED Indicates an embedded object. See OBJECT.
FONT Formats the font style, size, and color.
FORM Denotes a form with which users enter data. See INPUT for a list of form elements.
FRAME Defines independent windows, or frames, within a page. See FRAMESET.
FRAMESET Defines layout for frames within a page. See FRAME.
Hn Renders text in heading style, usually with a larger font than the body text. The n is a value from 1 to 6.
HEAD Marks the HTML document heading.
HR Draws a horizontal rule. Used to separate sections.
HTML Denotes the file is an HTML document.
I Renders text in italic.
IMG Inserts a graphic file.
INPUT Specifies a form control such as a check box or radio button. See FORM.
ISINDEX Indicates the presence of an index.
KBD Indicates text to be entered at a keyboard. Appears in fixed-width and bold type.
LI Denotes an item in a list. Adds special character or number depending on use. See UL, OL.
LINK Establishes the relationship between documents. Appears only in the HEAD element.
LISTING Renders text in fixed-width type.
MAP Specifies a collection of hot spots for a client-side image map.
MARQUEE Displays text in a scrolling marquee.
MENU Denotes a list of items.
META Provides information about the document. Used for client pull, also by some search engines for indexing. Describes the character set to be used.
NOBR Turns off line breaking.
NOFRAMES Indicates content viewable only by browsers that do not support frames.
OBJECT Inserts an OLE Control.
OL Specifies an ordered list. Each item has a number or letter reference. See UL, LI.
OPTION Denotes one choice in a list box.
P Inserts a paragraph break and denotes a new paragraph.
PARAM Sets object properties.
PLAINTEXT Renders text in fixed-width type without processing elements.
PRE Displays text exactly as typed—with all line breaks and spacing.
S Renders text in strikethrough type.
SAMP Specifies sample text. See CODE.
SCRIPT Specifies the inclusion of a script.
SELECT Denotes a list box or drop-down list.
SMALL Decreases the font size.
SPAN Applies style information to the enclosed text.
STRIKE Renders text in strikethrough type. See S.
STRONG Emphasizes text, usually with bold. See B.
STYLE Allows authors to include rendering information using a specified style notation.
SUB Renders text in subscript.
SUP Renders text in superscript.
TABLE Creates a table. See TH, TR, and TD to learn how to define rows and columns.
TBODY Defines the table body.
TD Creates a cell in a table.
TEXTAREA Creates a box in which a user can enter and edit text.
TFOOT Defines the table footer.
TH Creates a row or column heading in a table.
THEAD Defines the table header.
TITLE Specifies a document title. Appears in the browser title bar.
TR Creates a row in a table.
TT Denotes teletype. Displays text in fixed-width type.
U Renders text underlined.
UL Formats lines of text as a bulleted list. See LI.
VAR Indicates placeholder text for a variable. Displays text in a small, fixed-width font.
WBR Inserts a soft line break in a block of NOBR text.
XMP Indicates example text. Displays text in fixed-width font.



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