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Thread: Hiring embedded developers
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This is the flip side of the complaint that I often hear from recent
graduates:  "I can't get a job because I have no experience and I can't get
experience because I have no job".

The traditional answer to this problem, originating with medieval
craftsmen, is the apprenticeship, where youngsters work for a pittance  as
they learn the craft.  But the cost of hiring any one these days of minimum
wages, holiday pay, pension contributions  etc, make it very difficult for
an employer to take on and train unskilled people.  In the UK there has
been some attempt to address the problem by government subsidies
(unthinkable in the USA, I imagine) to firms who do take on apprentices but
the take up has been pathetic.

The internship system, much denigrated by the liberal press, or similar\
schemes seem to be part of the answer.   My son - now a senior software
engineer with Amazon - took a year out of uni to work at a low salary with
a local firm.  When he graduated they knew him well enough to offer him a
proper job where he rapidly gained enough experience to be able to move on
and up.

None of which is of any help to Denny :-(


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