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Thread: Eagle - how can I display inner pin information
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> There's a setting for the pins in the library's "symbol" editor
> "change visible" which lets you decide whether the pad and/or
> pin names are visible in the schematic.  (of course, this means
> that the pins have to have sensible names.)  Or you can write in
> additional text wherever you want.  The provided libraries are
> pretty inconsistent in ... pretty much every way, but you can
> modify them as you see fit, or create your own.
> As far as I know, there's no way to get the names to appear on
> a schematic if the library wasn't set up that way.
> Likewise, there's no way to get the names to appear on a board.
> You're not supposed to NEED them on a board, cause all your
> signal connections should have been set up in the schematic editor.
> (you can make boards with no schematic, but it's not really designed
> to do that, and it won't be very pleasant.)

Ok, I see now, this is my mistake, that I was doing it without a
schematic. Now I see, even for simple designs, the schematic
stage should not be skipped. Thank you for the link to the eagle

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