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Thread: Usb b type socket on Eagle?
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I have a question about the usb b type socket. I found on Eagle and
on ExpressPCB similar devices, but it seems they are slightly
different. In Eagle, the 4 pins of the socket are arranged in a line,
whereas in ExpressPCB they are arranged in a square. Any ideas
why these diffrences.

Also, I looked in my components company, and it seems they have
2 different sockets:

Type B: Vertical PCB Mount - Single - 4 Pole
Type B: RA PCB Mount - Single - 4 Pole

The differences seems to be hinged on the terms "Verticl/RA"
Any ideas what these mean? what is "single - 4 pole"
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See also: techref.massmind.org/techref/pcbs.htm?key=eagle

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