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Thread: cheap pcb fabrication needed
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Sounds like the board is pretty simple being that size.  If so, I'd second Olimex.  Sure, keep the drill sizes as they request, and the delivery is a little slow but I've been happy with the 3 or 4 projects I have run thru them.
 They accept the Eagle .brd files direct, so you don't have to worry about the issues of generating drill files, gerbers, etc at least for your first time.
 If your not in a hurry, sparkfun can be another place, again if your not in a hurry.  2-3 weeks typical.  But cheaper.  5 day turns, I use PCBfabExpress, pretty decent pricing from them, they also do a bare bones like 4PCB (advanced circuits) does.  Doing a bare bones board (no solder mask or silk screen just tinned traces) is good for first proto's because you dont have to scrape away the solder mask to tac wires on places.

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Olimex is likely a decent choice given you're in Europe and they're
reasonably priced. Their DRC can be hard to pass for a first-timer, though.

Cadsoft make a free (for non-commercial) tool called EAGLE. http://www.cadsoft.de.

Were you planning on trying to do your PCB in Turbocad? I'd advise against
it unless you're doing a very simple/wide track board that you can
photoresist yourself. My first board was 10mil!


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