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Thread: cheap pcb fabrication needed
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At 01:25 AM 4/20/2006, Bob Axtell wrote:
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>AP Circuits offers a non-SS/non-SM versions for very little. Might even
>be less than $1/PCB. But
>their process is 1/2 oz copper, doesn't work well on SOME designs. They
>are in Alberta, Canada.

Hi there, Bob.

I've talked to APC about the half-ounce copper thing - that's the
copper weight BEFORE plating.  They plate 1 ounce on top of
that.  This gives them 1 ounce plating inside all the plated-through
holes and 1.5 ounce on the top and bottom layers.

This appears to be identical to the production suppliers we use (S&P
Flex Circuits, Network Circuits, Quick Circuits).


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