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Thread: cheap pcb fabrication needed
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> Nicholas,
> Olimex is likely a decent choice given you're in Europe and they're
> reasonably priced. Their DRC can be hard to pass for a first-timer,
> http://www.olimex.com.
> Cadsoft make a free (for non-commercial) tool called EAGLE.
> Were you planning on trying to do your PCB in Turbocad? I'd advise against
> it unless you're doing a very simple/wide track board that you can
> photoresist yourself. My first board was 10mil!

No no, I need it to draw some mathematical puzzles (geometry) -
couldn't find how to setup a grid and a snap, so that I could have
a visible grid on the screen to aid my puzzles. I  need a tutorial
on basic 2d drawing.

> -marc
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