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Thread: cheap pcb fabrication needed
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> I want to order about 100 small pcb boards, about 1 x 2 inch, so not so big,
> does anyone maintain a list of people who do these things? Is it reasonable
> to pay 1$ per board?
I use ExpressPCB in the us.  100 1x2 PCB's should cost you
$233+$54+$50=337-15%=286.45.  250 will cost you less per board since the
$233 is a setup fee, and the discount also goes up.
> Also, does anyone maintain a list of pcb design tools (free, or commercial
> with restrictions is ok).
Google for "PCB design".  ExpressPCB has both schematic capture and PCB
design tools for free (or at least free if you use their service)

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