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Thread: Don't want diagonal routing from Eagle!!!
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> > Also, is there a way to prevent tracks from top and bottom overlapping -
> > this is when the red and the blue on the screen merge and form pink??
> Not that I can think of.  You can specify keepout areas for the
> but not automatically make a trace on one layer a keepout on another.  Why
> do you want this?  This sounds like you are getting stuck in an
> implementation rathole, and need to step back and think about how to solve
> the true problem.

No, it's because I am working with a stripboard. In a stripboard the blue
must be implemented on both sides (because the strips are one way.) This
leaves us with a situation that if the red layer overlaps the blue layer and
if the
blue layer needs to be implemented on top(the other direction to the strips)
we get an impossibility.
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