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Thread: Comments on the EasyProg kit
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On 10/10/05, Dave Tweed <EraseMEpicEraseMEspamdtweed.com> wrote:
> Robert A LaBudde <spam_OUTral@spam@spamSTOPspamlcfltd.com> wrote:
> > The software is a little cumbersome in Windows (I have Win2000 SP6), as
> > it is command lines only, with no user interface at all. Some means of
> > setting a default directory for hex files would be invaluable, as
> > otherwise the program expects the hex files to be near enough to the
> > program binaries for the user to type the full path onto the command
> > line. Perhaps and "EasyProg.INI" file?
> And you call yourself a programmer??? (only half :-)
> The beauty of a command-line user interface (not NO user interface) is
> that it is by far the easiest to extend. Depending on what kind of shell
> you use, you can write a script or batch file to add whatever bells and
> whistles you like. You can add a path in front of the hex file name, and
> this can be hard-coded, pulled out of an environment variable, or even
> read from an .INI file.
> -- Dave Tweed

I always hated the command-line until I saw it done right, in a Unix system.

The windows command-line shell is really weak, but MS is supposed to
upgrade this in Vista.  If they don't toss it like all the other
features Vista was supposed to have.

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