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[buy] Looking for UK based SMT assembly for large  19th 1
[EE] Designing for low temperature  17th 1
[EE] digital single ended to diff driver  5th 1, 2, 5
[EE] Garage door open detector  12th 1
[EE] Homemade GPS  5th 1
[EE] Keyboard converter  30th 1, 4
[EE] Overdriving power resistors  3rd 1, 18
[EE] Picoblaze or simpler  24th 1
[EE] Rotary Encoder Implementation  13th 1
[EE] Simple Class D audio amp from uC?  10th 1
[EE] Solder mask strength for traces underneath ba  13th 1
[EE] Unusual ARM problem looping in reset.  7th 1
[EE] USB drive emergency  4th 1
[OT] 50 years since Checkpoint Charlie standoff.  28th 1
[OT] ARM & patents  17th 1
[OT] Nifty 'robot' video  28th 1
[OT] RIP Dennis Ritchie  17th 1
[OT] Speed-of-light experiments give baffling resu  10th 1
[OT] Steve Jobs Passes Away  7th 1
[OT] The dogma of vaccine benefit Was: Steve Jobs  7th 1, 3
[OT] Web cam for race finish recording  19th 1
[PIC:] Distinction between RESET and BOWNOUT  17th 1
[PIC] Feeding LDR from RB Outputs  21th 1
[PIC] How to start with PIC programming  18th 1, 18 19th 37, 38, 64
[PIC] ICD3 Saving HEX file - Silly Question  3rd 1
[PIC] MPAB v8.76 dsPIC30F2011 asm and ORG directiv  4th 1
[PIC] PIC-> RS232/USB Converter problems  17th 1 18th 101
[PIC] Read/Write Internal EEPROM  28th 1
[PIC] Suggested inexpensive programmer?  27th 1, 17, 19
[PIC] What programming lamguage  20th 1, 9
[PIC]: AN1211 (MPPT) is password protected?!  13th 1
[Tech] John McCarthy dead too.  25th 1

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