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[EE] charging a 12V battery with solar array  31th 1
[EE] choosing a MOV value  8th 1
[EE] Multiple output wal wart burnt out???  1st 1
[EE] Op-amp question.  26th 1
[EE]: Desoldering  27th 1
[OT] a definite blood.boiler Wheeeeee !  1st 1
[OT] Comcast, and my blood pressure..  30th 1
[OT] On Commuting, and a survey...  31th 1
[OT] On Nuclear power  31th 1
[PIC] 'Odd' crystal freq's.  28th 1
[PIC] PIC16F88 too small  27th 1
simple replacement was: [EE]: Lithium Ion Batterie  15th 1

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