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"Basic stamp" clones...  17th 1
[AD:] Yet another PIC prototype board?  24th 1
[EE:] BGA-32 surface mount soldering  21th 1, 3
[EE:] Internet capable embedded development system  19th 1, 25, 39
[EE:] MEMS Gyroscopes (was [EE:]GPS vs LPS)  12th 1 13th 75
[EE:] Transferring power to a rotating circuit  29th 1
[EE]: Finding a connector  27th 1
[OT:] Moderator Morals  26th 1
[OT:]The Code,The Client and The PicList  5th 1 7th 213
[OT] My Time Capsule  11th 1
[OT]: Battery Jitters  18th 1
[OT]: How to solder BGA  13th 1
[OT]: Un-frigging-believable  26th 1
[PIC:] HW SPI and SW I2C on the same I/O pins?  13th 1
[PIC]: How to Divide 16-Bit number by 12 and displ  4th 1

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