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[EE] : Wanted info: a USB -> PIC-based RS232 (+5V  4th 1
[EE]: How to convert Resistance to digital data di  30th 1
[EE]: RMS vs Average voltage?  25th 1, 0
[EE]: Why Steinhart-Hart equation?  19th 1
[OT]: Coding style  11th 1 12th 145, 144, 146
[OT]: Real Computer Alert  4th 1
[OT]: Syntax highlighted cut and paste into Word?  20th 1
[OT]: Virus Again  4th 1
[OT]: We are the Borg of Pentium ...  10th 1
[PIC]: 16F877 ADC Noise  25th 1
[PIC]: 16F877 ADC Probs (What will it measure)  24th 1
[PIC]: Having 16f877 talk to each other.  27th 1
[PIC]: Hitech C and unsigned types  3rd 1
[PIC]: How to program a pic with a pic????  27th 1
[PIC]: I2c comm between pics  17th 1
[PIC]: Is is possible using TMR0?  17th 1
[pic]: LCD mystery  17th 1 18th 63
[PIC]: more on MPLAB -> ICD hex code programming  12th 1
[PIC]: Need more info about ... How to program a p  27th 1
[PIC]: pic changing program speed ?  4th 1
[PIC]: Pin impedance  26th 1
[PIC]: Pocket  9th 1
[PIC]: SPI routine for 16F84 slave mode  23th 1
[PIC]: Trouble w/multiple AD inputs (F877)  3rd 1
[PIC]: Voice synthesis  23th 1
[PIC]:How to use PIC16F876 (bis)  5th 1
[PICLIST] [[EE]: Transient response of a thermisto  12th 1
[PICLIST] Interfacing to Playstation Memory Cards  23th 1

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