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[OT] Anyone know exactly what SelCall is? (tones)  24th 1
[OT] Prayers was Re: Vpp from the phone line.  4th 1
`50X OSCAL Values  3rd 1
12 V halogen lamp dimmer/motion sensor triggered s  14th 1, 88 15th 148
16C84 StandAlone Sonar  5th 1
220VAC relay, Need SNUBBER help  24th 1
AC power control with 12C671  10th 1
call,goto  21th 1, 3 22th 49
CCS C Compiler GETS() function doesn't work !  22th 1
Character Detection  17th 1
Clocking speed  17th 1
delay accuracy  18th 1
DELAY routine  19th 1
Epoxy  8th 1
FET's as analog switch???  19th 1
Fwd: schematic and plans[OT]  19th 1
GOTO's...symbol undefined error.  14th 1
Hall-effect devices  10th 1
help need hex code to flash led first times here!  13th 1
Help...what am I missing?  14th 1 15th 54
Here's an idea for someone.... (talking alarm cloc  11th 1
how to determine when the battery is disconnected  2nd 1
memories NVM3060 and MCM2814  29th 1
Pens for Writing OSCCAL Values on JW Parts  19th 1, 22
Quadrature, the easy way  11th 1
Setting the WDT  22th 1, 38 28th 304
Setting the WDT of PIC16C84  22th 1
Simple joystick converter  24th 1
Simple static drive LCD.  8th 1

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