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"Non Microchip Programmer" under MPLAB
(no subject)
(OT) Re: unsubscribe picklist
(ot) Yet another home page
(OT)data transmission through inductive interface
...RF modules and antenna problems
[Fwd: Re: Programmer for PIC12C508 & PIC12C509]
[OFF-TOPIC] Re: Looking RFC's files
[OOT]British telephone plugs/jacks?
[OT lost of money?]
[OT lost of money?] - Digikey is OK
[OT] - current capacity of via's (multilayer board
[OT] Vantis MACH eval kit - way to go in Australi
[OT] Aluminum in Transfomers - was [OT] what does
[OT] Anyone know exactly what SelCall is? (tones)
[OT] anyone using Xilinx XC7272 out there?
[OT] Bondout
[OT] Boolean Eq. for BCD to Binary
[OT] Boolean Equation needed for BCD to binary
[OT] discontinued Moto chips?
[OT] Embedded PCs- source for beginners info?
[OT] Fractional binary vs fixed point or scaled in
[OT] GHOSTSCRIPT - handle PCB files from eg PROTEL
[OT] halogen lamp dimmer
[OT] help needed for a phillips chip
[OT] homebrew plastic cases
[OT] homebrew plastic cases...OOPS!
[OT] ISDN telecomms type components
[OT] magnetic induction (was RF)
[OT] Motor gears and a mechanical demultiplexer
[OT] Mystery SRAMS - Whoops
[OT] Nuked: dalim.de gone.
[OT] Old Calculator Question
[OT] Opinion on ASICs
[OT] PCB Building website
[OT] PCB coatings and their solvents
[OT] pcmcia modem
[OT] Philips PM3311 Digital Storage Scope
[OT] Phototransistors
[OT] PICMASTER emulator support
[OT] Power from Piezos
[OT] Prayers was Re: Vpp from the phone line.
[OT] QuickTake 100
[OT] Re: Interpreter Engine
[OT] Re: Interpteter engine
[OT] Re: purchase an axe for karaoke
[OT] RF modules - singlechip version
[OT] Sales weirdness question
[OT] Samples
[OT] Schematic needed for o'scope
[OT] Scott Dattalo - gpsim unable to download
[OT] simm 30
[OT] Specs: ULN2004
[OT] Specs: ULN2004 = Thanks!
[OT] Square wave generator
[OT] Squibs, was: Re: protection, how?
[OT] Stepper wiring help needed...
[OT] TI part source
[OT] URL for a Nice collection of pinouts.
[OT] video compression/ ISDN cameras, X75 etc.
[OT] VVL1070
[OT] what does Center Top mean
[OT] what does Center Top mean, or was it really C
[OT] y2k humor
[OT]: Protel schematics --> gif/jpg
[OT]: Protel schematics --> PDF
[OT][?] Christmas wishes
[OT]ish Specs for USB
[OT]ish... Cellular/mobile phone interface & proto
[OT]LCD experiment part 2
[OT]LCD Experiment Part 3
[OT]Pioneer automobile P-bus
`50X OSCAL Values
12 V halogen lamp dimmer/motion sensor
12 V halogen lamp dimmer/motion sensor triggered s
12 Volt Halogen Dimmer
12 Volt Halogen Dimmer and transformers
12C508 availability
12c508 Calibration and Watchdog problem
12c50x Smartcard
12V Halogen Dimmer
16B1 programmer problem
16bit power of 10
16-bit subtraction routine
16C62x comparitor interrupts
16C73 A/D converter question
16C73 midi-in routine
16C73: Is AN4 useable with SPI on?
16C84 StandAlone Sonar
16F84 & multidrop
16f84 + 24c04 + i2c
16F84- 700-Hz sidetone how ?
16F84/16C84 Programmer Options?
16F877 data sheet
16F877 datasheet available
16x1 LCD Displays
17C766 Available ???
17CXXX Beginners Question.
17cXXX compiler
21 new PICs added to CVASM16
220VAC relay, Need SNUBBER help
220VAC relay, Need SNUBBER help ????
25v at 5 Amp ????
3.3V LCD??
50A MOFSETs on H-Bridge DC motor amplifier
8&18 pin PIC Programmer KIT 119
8-bit Divide routine?
AC power control with 12C671
ac voltage monito
AD558,MAX 522- D.Benson book
Advantage to MPLAB 4.00
Air Flow Metering
Air volume flow meter suggestions?
Analog to Digital conversion on a 12c67x
Another LCD Question
another post - related to DTMF/tone decoders
Antwort: PCB Boards
Antwort: Re: [OT] what does Center Top mean
Antwort: What«s next on PCB ????
Archive searching
ASM v. C Development Time
Assembly manual
Atmel controled Pic programmer
Availability of 16F877
Avoid Duplicate Messages (Was: Re: Software contro
basic w/exe
Best chip for a "Kitty Scarer" application
best RS232 solution?
Best wishes
Better software for ITUPIC-1
Bit test commands and ports
Brownout circuit?
buck regulator
Buck Regulator
buck regulator
buck regulator
C Compilers for PIC
C programmers for PIC
C to Assembler ???
C to Assembler --> explenation please ???
Calibration value for the internal oscillator
call,goto [OT] Happy holidays to all colleagues !
CAN bus anyone?
Can I get +5v from serial Port ????
Can this TI part be bought in small quant.'s ?
CCS C Compiler
CCS C Compiler GETS() function doesn't work !
Character Detection
CHEAP PIC Programmers
CHEAP PIC Programmers and other matters.
CHEAP PIC Programmers??
Cheap programmer
Christmas Present
Clock and GPS
Clocking speed
clrwdt interaction with sleep
Cockroach Detection
Coding Problem
compact sort program
Connect BOTH your VDDs
Convert C --> ASM
Converting PIClist digests to individual messages
Cool PIC Project
CPU monitor devices?
Creating pdf, gif, etc...
Creating pdf, gif, etc... [OT]
Crystal PIC
Dave: Why noise ?
dazed & confused
Decimal to Percentage Routine
delay accuracy
DELAY routine
Dial Up Adapter for PIC
Discrepancies between the PICMASTER Analog reading
Do STATIC type LCD's need the oscillator on the ba
Do you know 14000?
DosTM4 and windows 95
Driving static LCD's
Driving Static LCD's
DS1820 Calculations, How-to? [16-bit arithmetic]
DTMF and or/tone decoders
DTMF detection
Easter Eggs (OT)
Easter Eggs [OT]
Eeprom data
email by pic
Email from a pic
Email with PiC ?
Emulator comparison (ClearView/PICMaster)
encoder loses track
EPROM info
ERASER LAMP-Quick$dirty,cheap$nice
Erasing of EPROM and OTP?
Ethernet Cable / Conductors
experience with RF modules
experience with RF modules (fwd)
experience with RF modules [OT]
Explanation required please
Extending accuraccy of a PIC A2D
External ram....
FCS / ISO-3309 / CRC generation
FED Pic Basic Compiler
FET's as analog switch
FET's as analog switch???
Final Notice: Upgrade your email by Dec 31 and sav
Floating match
Forwarded Message - FREE Online Training on Intel(
Four new products announced in December, all PICmi
fraction of Binary to Decimal convertation
Free Download: Win 95/98 Assembler and Simulator f
frequency counter
Frequency Meter and LCD question
Frequencymeter on a LCD 2 lines display
FSK on a pic?
Future Product 16 C 472 ??
Fw: Re: Pens for Writing OSCCAL Values on JW
Fw: Chronograph project
Fw: frequency counter
FW: Getting PICLIST- emails to the special directo
FW: LM75 i2c troubles
Fw: MPLAB OR Coding problem
FW: Optrex LCD connections
FW: Quadrature decoding
Fwd: schematic and plans[OT]
Gerhard Fiedler
Getting PICLIST- emails to the special directory
Getting started... where to buy
GOTO vs CALL instruction
GOTO's...symbol undefined error.
Hall-effect devices
Happy new year
Hardware scheme
Help me about LCD control with 16F84
help need hex code to flash led first times here!
help on delay rutine
help to unsubscribe
help wanted
help wanted ad previously posted (PIC programmer).
help wanted ad previously posted.
Help with DS1620 code
HELP! trouble ordering a COMPIC programmer. Need
HELP! trouble ordering a COMPIC programmer. Need c
Help...what am I missing?
Help...what am I missing? - ignore unexpected inte
Here's an idea for someone....
Here's an idea for someone.... (talking alarm cloc
Hi all. New Subscriber..newbie question already.
Hitech C
Hitech C continued
Homebrew cases
How can I know the cable type ??????
how to determine when the battery is disconnected
How to generate two square-wave frequencies from P
How to get last messages from list?
I finally made JD Madsen "PIC-Programmer
I2C interface to Phillips PCF8574
I2C Master Mode on PIC16C65
I2C master/slave mode for PIC to PIC comms
I2C Serial EEPROM Problem...
If mannualy set INTF, intterrupt generated?
IMPORTANT message !!!!
In Circuit Programming 16F84's
Increase resolution for 8 bit A/D converter to 10
info on LM044L LCD
Interface card using 16F84
Interface to Flash MMC
Interface with D/A
Interfacing a PIC to HP infra-red serial port.
Interfacing to MMC
Interpreter Engine
interpreter engine
Interpreter Engine
interpreter engine
Interpreter Engine
Interpreter, embedded:
is there a free basic complier ?
Is this list working?
isr without context save ?
ITU Info Thanks + Advice Needed
ITU is No More for Now....
ITU PIC-1 programmer compatibility with new flash
ITU tech
ITU Tech
ITU Tech Company selling PIC programmers
Job Opening for PIC Programmer
Just starting
JW parts and erasing
Keypad interfacing
Lawrence Lile - Digikey is OK
LCD Controller PDF
LCD Display Options
LCD Displays
LCD Viewing Angles
led display question
Lego Mindstorms PIC tinkerings
liquid level
Liquid level
liquid level
Liquid level
LM75 i2c troubles
Looking For "C" Code Examples For The PIC17C42A...
Looking for +5V LED Sink and Source Darlington Dri
Looking for parts and your expertise
Looking for PICLite Example Applications
Looking for Scenix assembly programmer
Looking RFC's files
Major update at Microchip Net resources page
Making PCB Boards
marking osccal value on /JW parts
MC68HC11F1CFN4 MCU's for sale/ trade.
memories NVM3060 and MCM2814
Merry Christmas
Microchips web site
Microwire source
Miguel !!!!
Mini-FAQ work-up (was Re: Unsubscribe)
Minimum erase time
More math power
Motion control
Motor Control help...
Moving a decimal value to 4 output pins?
MPASM string concatenation in macros
MPLAB and Multiple Monitors
MPLAB Auto-increment on T0CKI
MPLAB debugger
MPLAB on w95
MPLAB OR Coding problem
mplab v4.0 and 16C505
MPSIM Problem
Multiple 16F84 in multidrop
Multiple 16F84 in multidrop serial
Multiplication program
My apologies to every one
my AVRProg for W9x
My help plea..
Mystery SRAMS
Mystery SRAMS - Whoops
NEC D7227G LCD Driver
Need DIY Power Supply Kit or cheap bench supply
need help flashing an LED on the 16F84 i,m now
Need I2C EEPROM Programmer Recommendations (~$100)
Need Part List of PC Interface Card
need to implement big lookup tables
Negative Voltage Generation
negative voltage.
New devices now on Planet Microchip!
new firmware for PICSTART 16B1?
New pics
New Scenix Net resources page
New Subscriber needs advice
Newbie -- DT001 Kit from Wirz Elect.
Newbie: dt101 from WIRZ info needed
Not read: IR barrier and sunlight
Not read: RE: IR barrier and sunlight
Number of I/O
Odp: Atmel controled Pic programmer
Optimum PWM frequency
Optrex LCD connection
Optrex LCD connection.
Optrex LCD connections
Optrex test code
OT - 8052 and 80C52 difference
OT Magaizine
OT: ASM v. C Development Time
OT: Perpetuum Mobile
OT:Manchester encoder/decoder
other micro controllers
OT-programmer for pic16c54
Outlook express
Page jumps in Pic BASIC Pro
Parallax .OBJ - compatible with .HEX
Parallax Macros
Parallax Programmer & 16C715?
Parallel Port host and periperhal code?
PB, SIOC to DIP? and Re: Getting started... wher
PB, MPLAB Question
PB, Re: 50A MOFSETs on H-Bridge DC motor amplifier
PC (DOS) IRQ Clearing
PC Hardware (again)
PCB Boards
PCB Footprint reference
Pens for Writing OSCCAL Values on JW Parts
Perpetuum Mobile
PIC 1400 Experience and/or sample code
PIC 14000 A/D and etc.
Pic 711 A/D
Pic and 5 wire touchscreens
pic and xtal
pic application
pic basic
PIC Basic compiler
PIC basic Pro
PIC beginner needs help
PIC choice
PIC designer & design wanted
PIC Emulator
PIC hobbyist in Dallas
PIC Master Trouble on WinNT 4.0
PIC Networking
PIC page seleclt macros
PIC page select macros
PIC Problems.
PIC projects page available
PIC subs library
PIC to blow another PIC
PIC to blow another PIC (fwd)
PIC, I2C source
PIC12C508 I/O pins
PIC12ce519 trouble
PIC14000 Slope ADC whats the difference?
PIC16C57 with Tait Universal Programmer
PIC16C74 Does the WDT get reset after the processo
PIC16C84 with TAIT Universal Programmer
PIC16C87x serial bootloader development
PIC16F874 application (pondering)
PIC16F87X - The kick a** flash version!!!
PIC17C756 Question - losing interrupts?
Pic17C766 - ICSP
PIC5xv02 Software...From David Tait
PICALL Programmer Kit 117
PICBAS (PicBasic)
PICBAS Compiler
PIC-based radar/interogator ?!
PICBasic PRO Compiler
PICLIST archives
PICLIST Digest - 1 Dec 1998 to 2 Dec 1998
PICLIST Digest - 2 Dec 1998 to 3 Dec 1998
PICLIST Digest - 22 Dec 1998 to 23 Dec 1998
PICLIST Digest - 22 Dec 1998 to 23 Dec 1998 [GNU C
PICLIST Digest - 30 Nov 1998 to 1 Dec 1998
PICLIST Digest - 9 Dec 1998 to 10 Dec 1998
PICLite Update
PICMaster Trouble on WinNT 4.0
PICs and Pirates
PICs in die form/COB
PID Control with PIC
PORTB interrupt on change vs TMR0 interrupt
Possible subst's for 74ALS04 [OT] probably
Power from [OT] piezo?
Power from piezo?
Power from piezo? (still [OT])
prescaler question
Professional PCB Schematics NOT shareware
Prog 16C73A with PSTART Lite
prog. connector
Programming 12Cxxx
Programming Atmel 89C2051 [OT]
PROMATE Firmware fro 12c6xx
Promate problems
protected chips
protection, how?
purchase an axe for karaoke
PWM precision
Quadrature decoding
quadrature decoding
Quadrature Encoder
quadrature encoder
Quadrature Encoder
Quadrature, the easy way
question about ADDWF function: only 8-bit ???
QWBASIC or QBASIC?? - Legality
R: PIC to blow another PIC
R: Re: Multiple 16F84 in multidrop
R: Re: Multiple 16F84 in multidrop serial
R: Re: Multiple 16F84 in multidrop
Random LED Flasher
RB4-RB7 Interrupt Blues!
Re : [OT] video compression/ ISDN cameras, X75 etc
Re : Re: Pic Network ?
Re : Re: PICBasic PRO Compiler
Re : Scenix in France ??
RE(2): SIMICE Problem.
Re[2]: Availability of 16F877
Re[2]: C programmers for PIC
Re[2]: Convert C --> ASM
Re[2]: Easter Eggs [OT]
Re[2]: help need hex code to flash led first times
Re[2]: ITU PIC-1 programmer compatibility with new
Re[2]: PCB Boards
Re[2]: Simple joystick converter
Read: [slightly OT, longish] Forward Converter Hel
Reading a potentiometer without an ADC
Receiver for IR learning Remote Control
Remote Control
Replacement for 16C54/55/5x etc
Repost the 16f87x page
Repost the 16F87x page
results of LCD experiment
Returned mail: User unknown
RF modules - singlechip version
RF modules and antenna problems
RF modules, PIC 16F84, Rolling Code
RF network
RLF, through Carry?
RS232 at 38.4 kbps
run time error 200 problem
Sale on PICMaster?
Salvaging LP-xtal-option OTP's
SBC with on board power regulator / charger
SCENIX assembly programmer wanted
Scenix in France ??
Searching for 8-bit x 8bit multiply and divide rou
Seasons Greetings.
security etc.
Serial (SPI or I2C) SRAM
serial buffering
Serial comm's in QBASIC?
serial LCD, UART
serial rutine help
Serial SRAM
serial to vga
Setting the WDT
Setting the WDT of PIC16C84
Signal conditioning
SIMICE problem resolved!!!!
SIMICE Problem.
Simple joystick converter
Simple static drive LCD.
Simulate reset on 16C73A
Simulating wake-up from sleep caused by WDT
Sinewave generation
Sinewave generation - The way to do it with a PIC.
smart cards
SMT Soldering
Software controlled Hardware reset....
solar tracker
Some (perhaps) easy newbie questions...
Some questions !!
Somebody tried TCPIP with PIC
Sort algorithm ?
Speedometer Module 16F84/04P
Square wave generator
SRAM Address and Chip-Enable Controller for PICs
ST5730 OSD Chip & PIC
Stamp like pins
Still trying to understand port I/O setup!
Stimulus File Generator
Strange results for oscillator frequencies
subscribe piclist
Subscribe/unsubscribe OT
Sun Tracking
Surface mount soldering
Switching a coil
Tait Programmer Help
Tait Programmer Help...Please
Tait Programmer Help..Parallel Port
Tait Programmer Power Supply
Tait Programmer Software..
Tait Universal PIC Programmer Software Help
Tait Universal Programmer
TCP/IP over RS485
TCP/IP stack
Test - delete it
Test Only
Testy ignore
thanks to
Thanks to all
The beer is on :-)
The Scenix Chip
Timer 0 (again)
Timer Prescaler Question
TMR0 increment.
Totally [OT] TCP/IP timeout.
touch switch
TR: Erasing of EPROM and OTP?
TR: frequency counter
Unit Conversions
Universal production programmer?
unsubscribe picklist
unsubscribe piclist
Use of DRAMs (OT)
Use of DRAMs [OT]
Using Parallel PORT
Using Parrarell PORT
using pic with out RS232 chip
Using Picstart+ for production programming
VB: (no subject)
Vertical Adders
Vertical Adders [OT]
Video output from pic -- Commodore 8563 video chip
Vpp from the phone line.
w00h00! Success!
Want small mod 16/8 divide (for random 0-n)
Wanted: SMT SMPSU controller, low voltage, 8-pin S
Warp-3 and the 16C74
watching code process - and Music Tones
watching code process from one pin??
Web Site
what is the difference? uart + rf of modem engine
What«s next on PCB ????
What4s next on PCB ????
where to find basic stuff like flash an led please
Where's the software?
Who lent me their Picstart 16C
Why PIC versus the 68HC11 (especially the PIC16C74
Windows soft for serial (JDM) progra
Windows soft for serial (JDM) programmer
yet another question..

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