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(OT) H2O rockets was Re: (OT) Air pressure sensor  18th 1
(OT) IDE Controllers for 8088 boards  9th 1
(OT)-PCB layout software  2nd 1, 56
[OT] Chips, tortured analogy  25th 1
[OT] just for Hams  30th 1
[OT] Where can I buy the TSL230, DS1267, and LM123  25th 1
115 VAC inputs to PIC direct (again)  22th 1
24VDC to 5VDC Supply - Slightly [OT]  22th 1
accelerometers or gyrometers?  16th 1
Chips in our body(ABC news)  23th 1
Coin count!  4th 1
Conversion of moto chip to PIC?  1st 1
New Guy  23th 1
PIC being reset by spikes from motors - any ideas?  8th 1
PIC driving a SSR  21th 1
picStic vs SimStic vs 'my own'  30th 1
power glitchs & software execution  23th 1
Power Line modem for PIC  28th 1
Regulators and New PICS  24th 1
RF modules THAT CAN TRANSMIT UP TO 1kM...  11th 1
SmartCards - Here is some pointers that some might  3rd 1
Trouble with EMI interfrence  4th 1

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