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'waxing on about aeros (was Compaq D Connector) [OT'
1998\01\06@230439 by Jim Ham

I've put a gigabyte disk in mine and a 16MB ram upgrade (total 20MB). The
only thing I miss is the math co-processor. Putting in the disk was a piece
of cake. The first time I turned it on after the the disk change a message
box appeared and asked if I wanted to format the new disk! If only all IBM
clones were so friendly.

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Jim Ham, Porcine Associates
(415)326-2669 fax(415)326-1071

1998\01\06@233927 by Bob Blick

>>put it, a programmer, and a scope (TEK THS720) into my briefcase with room

Hi Jim!

If you have a ths720, you might want to "grab" my screengrab program for it:

Speaking of great laptops, I have a Toshiba Portege 3600CT, and was using
it on battery today, and after 6 hours and 30 minutes of continuous use, it
said it still had 2.8 hours left! A couple of ounces and millimeters bigger
than the Aero(and quicker, a 486dx2-50), but well worth it if you ever need
a replacement(and can find one of these, they are treasured by their owners).



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