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PICList Thread
'was: Re: PIC and BASIC'
1996\07\23@065118 by Wolfram Liebchen

Hello friends,

I think the sense of a mailing list is, that a special question
has to be asked only once, because every potential asker can
read the questions and see the answers.
if everyone uses the common language, i.e. English!
I think, none of us should use another language in posts to
the list. Feel free to use what you want in personal email.

Please don't flame me, it's only my opinion.




> Hola Rogerio, comunicarte que he recibido una reprimenda por parte del se–or que vende uno de los compiladores BASIC, nada mas por el echo de
contestar en Espa
{Quote hidden}


! Wolfram Liebchen, !
!        Forschungsinstitut fuer Optik          !

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