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'someone must have build a talking clock before????'
1998\01\28@003401 by sam Haile

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hello all,

Can you help?

I am trying to build "digital talking clock"

Thanks for your help.


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1998\01\28@050520 by Glen Benson

The November 1997 Nuts and Volts Features a talking clock source, schem,
description. (Cover Article)


At 09:32 PM 1/27/98 PST, you wrote:
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1998\01\28@081840 by Charles Laforge

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Hello Sam

If I'm not mistaken this is the third or fourth time you have asked this
question. Perhaps I can offer some advice.

If you only sent it once perhaps your email software needs to be
configured differently so it sends only one message.  If this is the
case contact me by email and perhaps I can help.

Another thing, unless you send some command  (someone help me here) to
the listserver you will not receive a copy of your own messages.  We see
the messages even if you don't.  Someone else can help you with this.

If the problem is not with the two things mentioned above then its
probably that no one has an answer to give you.  You might be the first
to build a talking clock or perhaps others aren't too anxious to share
their secrets until you do a little more research.  I'm sorry I cannot
help with your project; I have no experience with this.

I wish you luck with your talking clock.


>Date:         Tue, 27 Jan 1998 21:32:48 PST
>Reply-To:     pic microcontroller discussion list
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1998\01\29@032753 by Nicholas Uloth

At 09:32 PM 1/27/98 PST, you wrote:
>hello all,
>Can you help?
>I am trying to build "digital talking clock"
>Thanks for your help.
ISD produces some chips which allow analog samples to be recorded and then
played back
Means you can record whatever phrases you want and the chips are designed for
applications with no or little uP support.

might be of some use


1998\01\29@154853 by wft

Regarding ISD chips  I have used them with great success to record
sounds digitally and play them back.  AT Radio Shack there are modules
based on ISD that make the process of prototyping even easier.

Gus Calabrese    Lola Montes      WFT Electronics
4337 Raleigh Street      Denver, CO 80212
303 964-9670......voicemail

EMERGENCY:   791 High Street     Estes Park, CO  80517
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