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'serial servo controller'
1999\07\09@225039 by Nick Taylor

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Does anyone here have experience with the NetMedia Servo 8 Torque
controller board.  Available from:
at $60 post paid.  It controls up to 8 servos and provides position
and torque feedback for each servo upon request.  Looks good for
my walker.

Any comments about Scott Edwards SSC2 controllers?  $44 plus shipping

My current walker is a 3 servo guy that only does a tripod gait ...
no need for servo controller or torque feedback.  My new guy with
six 2-DOF legs would probably benefit from position and torque
feedback info.  Comments?

- Nick -

1999\07\10@001440 by Bob Blick

>Any comments about Scott Edwards SSC2 controllers?  $44 plus shipping

I've used it, it works as advertised. Tiny little thing...


1999\07\10@050341 by hello

how do I remove myself  from this discussion    group????

1999\07\10@081254 by Dan Creagan

I have two Scott Edward's controllers on a 2 DOF hex walker.  They work as
advertised.  No feedback, but you could do that with your own circuitry if
you want to check current draw on 12 servos <ugh>!

Interestingly, this would be a great PIC project. The SSCs are terribly
expensive for what they do.  Dennis Clark has developed one for a 12C508
that controls two motors - and he publishes his source.

However, his is only 2400 baud and that won't be fast enough for a hex
walker (unless, of course, you want to wait while it crawls across the room
like it was in molasses).

I've used dedicated chips (mostly Stamps) to control servos and that works
pretty good  - so a dedicated PIC should work fine - just have to figure out
the code.

Let me know (offlist if you aren't using PICs) what kind of 3 servo walkers
you are using. After building my hex, I've decided that I want to make a
colony of walkers (*small colony*) - and a hex can get as expensive as a
kid - so I would like another alternative.


Simple CCS C code examples at:

{Original Message removed}

1999\07\13@200819 by Eric Naus

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Hi there,

Check out my homepage for 16c84 code to
drive several servos.
A schematic is also included.
It works but needs some of the coding updated.

Have fun


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