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're [EE] Report: FT232RL USB-Serial Converter Chip'
2006\03\12@170656 by Russell McMahon

>> FTDI has created a truly remarkable chip,
>> the FT232RL. Its about the fastest possible
>> way to get a PIC connected to USB2.0.

>> .

My friend Ken Mardle said:

> Sounds like their answer to the CP2102 and CP2103 from Silicon Labs.

How do these compare?

CP2102 data sheet

Technical information

$US4.03/1 Digikey

CP2103 data sheet

$US4.70/1 Digikey


2006\03\13@030521 by Bob Axtell

face picon face
I think the FT232R has the CP2102 beat:

1. The FT232R can supply an OUTPUT from the clock for use
of a local uP. The clock can be 6, 12, or 24 Mhz- or all 3.

2. The FT232R can provide any custom-divisable baud rate; the
CP2102 has a good variety but not to the extent of the FT232R.

3. While the utility of bit-bang mode is still up in the air, the FT232R
can provide 3 different versions.

4. The FT232R optionally can sink/source 12mA from its drive pins,
sometimes an important consideration, especially the fast clocks.

5. The TSSOP28 is better to handle than the QFN, meaning the
FT232RL is more hobbyist- friendly. I've yet to sucessfully mount
a QFN part.

On the other hand, the CP2102 has a 3V voltage regulator, the
FT232R doesn't.

BUT, thanks for pointing the CP2102 out. Good call.



Russell McMahon wrote:

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2006\03\13@100521 by Timothy Weber

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Bob Axtell wrote:
> On the other hand, the CP2102 has a 3V voltage regulator, the
> FT232R doesn't.

I believe it does - the FT232R's 3V3OUT pin can source up to 50 mA.
Timothy J. Weber

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