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'problems with my PIC programmer kit'
1999\02\13@110527 by Douglas Gourlay

Hello there,

I have just completed me first PIC programmer (DIY kit 81... the PIC 16F84
developement System) which is said to be a 'Tait-type' programmer.
Construction seemed fairly simple but alas, it won't seem to work.

I run the test program and +2Volts on pin 14 then as per the test routine
PLUS the 2Volts on pin 14.  Even when the test prog says there should be
0volts on all pins, I have the 2 volts on 14 as below.

10 11 12  13  14  15 16  17 18
9    8   7   6    5   4   3    2   1         PIC 16F84

I am quite sure that the parts are in the correct ways and I measured the
voltage with a 'scope.  Could it be the parallel port is the problem?

When I try to program the chip, using p84 /e /la file.obj I get
acknowledgment that the pic erases but there is an error after trying to
load the file.  Also, it seems to hit the error quickly with the LED
staying on only briefly.

Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance.


1999\02\14@091104 by Andy

picon face
-----Original Message-----
From: Douglas Gourlay <spam_OUTdlgTakeThisOuTspamWORLDCHAT.COM>
Date: 13 February 1999 16:05
Subject: problems with my PIC programmer kit

I always thought you should be using a hex file?? may be Im wrong!!


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1999\02\14@232826 by Jim Robertson

At 14:09 14/02/99 -0000, you wrote:
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Douglas Gourlay <.....dlgKILLspamspam.....WORLDCHAT.COM>
>Date: 13 February 1999 16:05
>Subject: problems with my PIC programmer kit
>I always thought you should be using a hex file?? may be Im wrong!!

It depends on the assembler.  The Parallax assembler produces .OBJ files
that are really .HEX files by a different name.

*If* Douglas is using a parallax assembler (SPASM I think) then most likely
he will have to use a switch to stop the device information being
embedded in the .OBJ file.

I think from memory the offending line looks like this.


Yep, Just check on it.

On the other hand he maybe producing a true .OBJ file that needs to be linked.
In this case Douglas, try assembling to a hex file. I'm not sure what you
have to do as I have never produced a .OBJ file from MPASM.

Finally, you could always ask the people your bought the programmer from for
help. Isn't that why you paid them, or it this recommendation just more of
my "bad attitude?"


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Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers and firmware
upgrades for many programmers.

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