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PICList Thread
'pic list digest'
2000\03\30@035811 by n.east

Hi pic listers,

I rate the pic list very highly! but on the 21 of march the list sever sent
me 390ish copies of the same digest.
This was to my home email account, my ISP had to delete them for me!

You can't have enough of a good thing but this was a bit over the top!

I love the emails in the digest form but one will do.


2000\03\30@041711 by Mark Willis

That's the same "Digest Deluge" problem we've been hearing about.

I've now received two successive, single copies of the Digest, so it's
not a current problem.

LSoft's been bugged about the problem, should be fixed very soon if they
haven't already fixed, the sick machine I believe is
the cause of the problem.

(Does mostly seem that UK people are getting the worst of the brunt of
this deluge?!  Strange.)


Neil East wrote:
{Quote hidden}

I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

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