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'pic, linux and lan masquerading'
2000\05\10@204402 by marquis DeSade

picon face
hello picsters,
some one was asking how to masquerade a win 98SE
network a few days a go, and i gave my 2-cents
regarding our success with linux keeping our DSL
secure, and little or no down time...i threw this boz
together out of a p200mmx and 64 meg ram, has 2 old
2.5 gig drives i had sitting around, and they were
identical so i decided to mirror the drives, in case i
mess something up when im messing around with things i
shouldnt, i had a bunch of 3com 905tx cards so, i used
them, even though 100 base-t overkill, hey, why not?
sean asked if i knew to the second the amount of
uptime, and honestly, i dont, i brought box online
around june or so, and has been up since, i have
rebooted the machine once or twice thinking it was its
fault i had no internet, but it was always goodnet, or
mae-west, and never the server itself
now, i also know windoze can do the same thing, but
it really isnt secure, nor is it stable...yes
minimizing the amout of extra crap with the install
helps, but it was never meant to be a server, it was
meant to be a desktop for the masses, and ya know the
phrase "the masses are asses"
about the idea of a pic mimicing a floppy, i think is
a cool idea, however, most single board computers come
with a PC104 socket, and thusly one could easily have
a diskless system with the solid state disk on board
and as cool as i think i the pic is, why reinvent the
wheel? if it is allready being done, with solid state
disk, why waste time?
now, a better idea is this: most 3com cards have a
wake-on-lan feature, using an empty DIP socket...why
not make a pic or module for that socket, and have pic
do wake-on-lan? i believe the NE2000 cards have it
also? that way, you leave youre computer on, it goes
to sleep when youre not browsing, and wakes up when a
packet tries to go through?

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