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'mpasm object code error'
1997\05\19@115321 by Andrew Farrar - Technician

Have compiled a program which has the error message:

'missing segment name for .obj file'

This seems to occur around origin statements, any help would be most
welcome. The two errors occur right a t beginning, after many
          org     0
          goto    start

         org    30
start   clrw    .......etc....

Many thanks in anticipation
Andy Farrar.

1997\05\19@130322 by eric naus

picon face
Hi There,

According to the manual it states:

If an object file is to be generated,syntex for the ORG directive
is different. Until the linker is ready,there is no reason to generate
an object file.

I don't know if this helps ????


Eric Naus

At 04:41 PM 5/19/97 GMT, you wrote:
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