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PICList Thread
'more questions and thanks to'
1998\01\13@135423 by andre

Hi to all engineers in this list.

I would like to thank you   all  for answering my previews  questions.
Special thank to:

Andrew Warren, Mike Keitz, Charles Hoss and Xygax.

Today i have more questions.

1. I have two picmasters emulators in one pc can i use both of them at
the same time. I tried changing
the address  each one works ok.

2. when you program any pic software generates checksum how does it
work. before loading the
file is it possible to calculate checksum?

3. I have hitachi HD44780 display can i drive it directly connected from
pic outputs.

4. in configuration line how do you set code protection on
I checked in include file is not there.

5. in special instruction mnemonics what does this instruction do
bsf/bcf     0a,3              long goto
bsf/bcf     0a,4
goto         k

6. does any body have any idea how  motorcycles engine's advanced curve
works using hall effect cell.
 i have a unit based on other processor  it has one hall cell and two
outputs. hall cell is sitting on TDC
top dead center of the board  on cam shaft there are two magnets one
south polarity the other one is
north polarity. when hall cell reaches S output triggers 1  when reaches
N triggers 0. S magnet is sitting
on TDC of cam shaft but N magnet is sitting on 65% off. one thing I
imagine that we need a counter.

thank you

Andre Abelian

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