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PICList Thread
1998\09\30@140838 by Reginald Neale

Dave said:

>One thing that I made, a long time ago, was a simple "logic analyzer"
>from an HC688 chip (8 bit magnitude comparator).  8 leads out to
>micro-clips with 100k pulldowns, and on the other side, a dipswitch
>with 10k pulldowns.
>Using the dipswitch, you set the logic state you want to detect, the
>unused inputs fall to zero.
>You connect the micro-clips to the circuit, and if that state occurs,
>then the output of the 688 pulses.
>This can trigger a scope, or just a 1-shot into an LED to indicate "it
>Even a cheap scope gets a lot more powerful with this sort of trigger
>front end.

Dave, what brand of microclips do you fancy?

Reg Neale

1998\09\30@154802 by Dave VanHorn

>Dave, what brand of microclips do you fancy?

This was in Hawaii, so I just used what Radio Shack happened to carry
at the time.

I'd love to get a bunch of real clips, like from TEK or HP analyzers,
but usually the problem is that they've been beat all to hell, or you
can't get them at all.   The RS ones are copper hook and plastic back,
and the back and hook both tend to straighten out with use.

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