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'found 2 more problems in my code timer2.asm'
1998\07\29@025918 by andre

part 0 2209 bytes
<P><TT>earlier today I posted my code timer2.asm</TT>
<BR><TT>about 15 minutes timer. After I got rest little bit</TT>
<BR><TT>I checked my code and noticed 2 problems right a</TT>

<P><TT>1. sw15 did not work because of goto was not where</TT><TT></TT>


<P><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; sw15&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&n
; same as btfsc&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; porta,0</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; movlw&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; .15</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; movwf&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; time</TT><TT></TT>

<P><TT>should be</TT><TT></TT>

<P><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; sw15</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; goto&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; sixteen</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; movlw&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; .15</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; movwf&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; time</TT>

<P><TT>2. is not a good idea in your main loop jump back on</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; port setting line. after initializing ports I have</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; bsf&nbsp; instruction&nbsp; in main loop I was getting
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; on same bsf pin. since on reset ports are input</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; maybe that was the reason to cut out that is how</TT>
<BR><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; created pulse. after I changed it works ok.</TT><TT></TT>

<P><TT>&nbsp;&nbsp; I still have timer problem.</TT><TT></TT>



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