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1998\11\14@141113 by goflo

Golf trio of minister, doctor, and engineer are having slow
go of it on the links, party ahead of them very disorganized,
spraying balls in all directions, tripping over each other, but
apparently having a great time...
Thinking that they must be intoxicated, our guys return to the
clubhouse to register a complaint...
The pro says, " Understand how you feel, but actually those guys
are firemen who lost their sight fighting a fire here a year ago.
We let 'em play for free".
The minister is of course quite taken aback, and vows to pray for
the firemen. Similarly abashed, the doctor says he will consult
with an opthamologist colleague to see if anything can be done.
The engineer mulls this over and says, "Can't these guys play at


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