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'ds opcode?'
1998\02\06@231151 by Williamson

I was looking at some sample code on the web and when I tried
to paste some of it into an existing program, I got errors
saying "Illegal opcode (ds)".

It looks to me like ds just reserves some space in memory for
a variable.  I am using MPLAB to compile.

Any clues as to what is wrong?

Thanks for your help.

Jason Williamson

1998\02\07@101947 by Al Williams

I have a feeling you tried running Parallax assembler source through MPASM.
There are two options:
1) Go to Parallax ( and download their assembler. I'm
pretty sure it is free.

2) Find the program that converts Parallax to Microchip. Don't know if it
works-- I've never used it. I don't remember where I found it, but if you
need it, e-mail me and I'll e-mail it back privately so I won't incur the
wrath of the list :-)

Good Luck!

Al Williams
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