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'desasembler for 16C84 ?'
1997\02\13@035040 by Michel JACQUOT


I am looking for a desasembler for the 16c84.

Any pointer ?



Michel Jacquot
LIRMM  161 rue ADA
34392  Montpellier Cedex 5  FRANCE
Tel +33 (0)4 67 41 85 94   Fax +33 (0)4 67 41 85 00
www  :

1997\02\13@120009 by David Tait

Michel Jacquot asked about 16C84 disassemblers.  Try these:
(see also

Have fun.


1997\02\13@125544 by Kalle Pihlajasaari

Hi David and others,

> Michel Jacquot asked about 16C84 disassemblers.  Try these:
> pub/multimedia/tv-crypt/microcontroller/
> (see also

Like wow, quite a few.  You can also import the hexfile into MPLAB
and it will do a rudimentary dissasembly with no symbols possible
but I think the resultant code could be assembled if you strip the
line numbers and such.

Kalle Pihlajasaari
Interface Products   P O Box 15775, DOORNFONTEIN, 2028, South Africa
+ 27 (11) 402-7750   Fax: 402-7751

DonTronics, Silicon Studio and Wirz Electronics uP Product Dealer

1997\02\13@141309 by Franco

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Included in this archive :

README.TXT      -       You are reading it now
DISASM84.EXE    -       The disassembler


DISASM84 is a 2-pass disassembler for Microchip's popular 16C84 processor.
The entire program has been written in assembly to optimise for speed.
I did not feel is was necessary to include a neat graphical user interface,
far too many programs have really grown out of proportion lately
(rings a bell, Microsoft ? 100Mb for an operating system ...).
Apart from that, most people will use this as a simple tool anyway and
taking this basic approach, the executable is still under 10k which means
you don't need 64 Gb of internal RAM :-)


There are no command line options. To invoke the disassembler, just type
disasm84 at the command prompt and you will be prompted for the input
filename. If no extension is provided, the default is binary (.BIN).
Next, select the input file-format. Most commonly used is INTEL HEX 8.
The program now disassembles your input file and writes the result to
disk using your filename with the extension .ASM

Last updated 13-06-96
Couple of minor bugs are fixed.
The complete disassembler is now table driven so that other processors
can be added in the future. Look out for updates ...

Currently DISASM84 supports 4 different input file types :

INTEL HEX 8 (most commonly used)

DISASM84 has been extensively tested using MPASM1.2 and is now known to
be bugfree. Users of the old MPALC should be aware that some versions
of this compiler will generate error messages because of the colons added
to a label. MPASM does not have this problem. This might be a little
drawback, but the advantages of being able to have your favourite editor
search for a routine and not having to stop at every occurence of the label
seemed well worth it.

Comments or suggestions are welcome. You can e-mail me at :

Attachment converted: wonderlandfive:EEDISASM.EXE (PCFA/PCXT) (0000BB41)

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