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2000\12\14@191327 by jamesnewton

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Well, I'm proud to say that now that my new NT server (thank you) is up and
running (at
...did anyone notice that the stupid default.asp?url= thing is gone?) I've
done some more tweaking on my PICList mail bots and post bots and they are
now loaded and ready for (pre) release.
is a PICList archive browser with all posts from March of 1998 (I have back
to the beginning but haven't loaded them yet) on to now (updated in
semi-real time) and with a huge list of features to make browsing old and
new posts a joy. (Can't tell I'm proud of it can you?)

The search speed is as good as any other and the browse speed (moving to the
next post along a thread or time line) is AWESOME!

It is password protected (in fact you have to get a membership
to view it which is validated by email address so if anyone ever does mine
it for emails A) the server logs will tell me who and B) I will have at
least a valid email address for them). Also, the emails are only available
as a little dot after the persons name (so you kind of have to know its
there) and the email address has nospam- at the beginning. Also, any web
crawler that gets to a post will find a little hidden link that... does some
interesting things.

But the best part is the browsing. You can read today's posts just as fast
as in your email client! Click on the post number, rather than the Thread
for the fastest browsing. If you click on the Thread it separates out all
the posts on that thread and then you can quickly browse those.

You can click on any word in a posts subject line and it will search for
threads with that word.

There is a reply email form at the end that presents a list of topic tags
(with the previous one selected) to remind people to check the topic. It
also puts the authors email in the CC line and the PICList email in the to
line and inserts a link to the archive for that post in the body. I'm still
working on that one. If anyone knows why the stupid

Also, you can setup a link directly to a specific email... like\2000\11\04\083702a
and it will show you the post very quickly and the thread a bit later. The
numbers come from the date that the email hit the MITVMA listserver so
anyone can build a link from an email by looking at the headers.

The search is a bit strange... right now you can only search by words in the
subject line  the wild card is % (try searching for video%sync)... play with
it, you'll see. Later on, when I get indexing setup on the web server,
you'll be able to search on the text of the post as well.

Please let me know what I've missed or what you would like to see improved
or added.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

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(like ads or off topics) for you. See

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