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'Way [OT] Schools and teaching'
1998\05\13@101436 by Reginald Neale

One education authority recently made an interesting suggestion for the
total reorganization of high schools. After 5th grade, students of all ages
would be mixed in together. A lot tougher on teachers in many ways, OTOH
older/more gifted students could help younger/slower ones. Age-segregated
classes just encourage students to obsess about their appearance, their
hormones, and their standing among their peers. Mixed classes would be
better preparation for the real world, where people of all ages and
abilities have to learn to work together.

Reg Neale, P.I.C.
(Politically Incorrect Character)

1998\05\13@125411 by Andy Kunz


You mean a return to the one-room schoolhouse?!!  By golly, I think you're
onto something.  That's how it is where my kids go, and next year they'll
be doing it that way at home!  (Not all the time, though)


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