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'Waaaaaay OT!: Airbags'
1999\02\11@154907 by Scott Shidel...

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999, Wagner Lipnharski wrote:

> > Being a first responder, I can tell you that there is a real concern, and
> > several incidents have happened already, that the airbags don't always
> > deploy in a crash, but will deploy afterward, during the time you are
> > working on a patient. They tell you loud long and often to watch where you
> > set your gear in the car, because the airbags can trigger and shove your
> > gear into someone's face.
> I agree with you, but I think at the bottom line, air bags saved
> much more people than killed them.  It is not totally safe and
> not 100% trustable, but please don't take them from my car :)
If I had em you could have them.  When I drive an airbag equipped car, I
feel like I am sitting with my face about 2 feet fromt he barrel of a
cannon.  One of the reasons I dont like them as well is I drive with my
arm on top of the wheel at 12 o'clock.  if that thing goes off I'm going
to wack the daylights out of myself!
Airbags? I say screw em.  Racing bodies are very stringent of safety
equipment, and much of the equipment cost hundred or thousands of dollars.
I have yet to see them require airbags.  IMHO, airbags are a selling
point, one.  Secondly, they are for people that are too stupid to put a
seat belt on.

>                   LONG LIVE TO THE Win98!!!
>                            (:)
Thats a joke huh?
Don't lose that Win98 CD.  you're gonna need it.  Might want to burn some
copies to keep as spares for when the original wears out from use.

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