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'Using PIC with batteries'
1998\03\29@191730 by mtt

Does anyone have experience/data on PIC's with batteries?  Could the
builtin Power-on Reset circuit(POR) handle ANY batteries(as long as Vdd
is in specs, eg. 5 volts)?  For example, regardless of the freshness of
the batteries, when they are connected to Vdd and Vss,  will the PIC's
start up properly?  Do I have to worry about anything else?

Thanks and Regards,

Mike DeLong

1998\03\30@092215 by Werner Terreblanche

Werner Terreblanche  <> or <>
Tel :  (021) 7102251 (w) or (021) 8523249 (h)

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 I have been designing PICs in some battery operated products for some time
now.  At one stage I was having trouble with some 16C71's getting them to
start up.  But I finally got rid of that problem by using 16C711's with
built in Brown-out instead and activating  Startup Timer.  Some people
believe one should use an external watchdog or reset device, but my
experience is that this is not really necessary if its not a life supporting
device you are making.  As long as your supply voltage is right and
reasonably clean, the PICs are usually quite reliable and they should start
up every time you switch the device on.


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