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'UV Eraser'
1998\03\24@230234 by Good Andrew (Sitzman)

hello, i was wondering if anyone has a UV eraser forsale or can recommend
a place to buy one cheaply.  I am just starting out with the pic's and
they sampled me some uv-windowed chips.  Thanks so much

'UV Eraser'
1998\05\06@214417 by D. F. Welch
picon face
For those who have been discussing home-brewed PIC erasers
you might want to check out the UV Source design at:

Although this source is intended for photo resist
exposure it should do quite well as a PIC eraser.

73, de KF6IZO

Dan Welch

1998\05\07@065524 by Leo van Loon

EEPROM's need short-wave UV from quartz tubes, photo resist needs long-wave
UV from powdered tubes. It won't work vise versa!

Leo van Loon

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: D. F. Welch <amerscispamKILLspamFLASH.NET>
Datum: donderdag 7 mei 1998 3:47
Onderwerp: UV Eraser

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'uv eraser'
1998\08\25@182540 by Ryan Pogge
looks like I need about 6-7 mW/cm^2 ....never mind :)

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