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'USB - USBN9206'
1999\03\07@173725 by Antonio L Benci

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I hope that you manage to get some answer. I have been battleing for
some time (on a part time basis) to get a small USB based data
aquisition system working, alas as you have indicated the 380 odd page
manual is not very clear...

I have been using the TI USB chip. The TI sales engineer has been
helpful BUT not on the Windows side. The windows API for USB requires
that the USB device make itself known to the system so therfore it must
become a virtual peripheral. Not being a windows programmer by trade
this is where I have fallen over...

At this point the project lies idle waiting for some divine

Snail Instruments wrote:
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1999\03\08@054545 by marcel

I have got the Cypress starter kit and got the Entegra pci?usb card for 9500
Apple following the development list of Apple
The cypress chip is a risk chip the kit comes with a programmer for the whole
series .
At the moment I am following a course Pascal programming hope to learn
programming C++ so i can dive into the
world of Drivers.
USB is not to complicated but writing drivers in complexive Operating systems is
Use drivers that already exists seems to be the only way for now.
Apple uses Shims to make link's between the usb and the old system managers the
usb hid mouse driver is linked
with a shim to the (adb manager) apple desktop bus manager witch handles
digitizers keyboard mouse joystick etc.
I did not study the windows sdk's but plug and play makes that a driver will
install only when device is presend and
uninstall when removed. This makes it dificult  and there are generic drivers an
device specific drivers.
But drivers for serial comm and parallel com do exsist now.

This is what i can say about it i sugest to follow devellopers list and try ,and
study sdk's

Electronic Workshop Scope

Antonio L Benci wrote:

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1999\03\08@102744 by Octavio Nogueira

I'm building ProPic 2 USB, but I'm still in the beginning
phase so I don't have the driver ready. I'm using Cypress

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De: Snail Instruments <snailspamspam_OUTIOL.CZ>
Data: Sábado, Março 06, 1999 08:05
Assunto: USB - USBN9206

>Hi all,
>did anyone attempted to build any device with USB interface? I have been
>looking at the National USBN9206 chip, it seems to match well with the PIC.
>What concerns me more is the PC side of the software. Is there any "USB
>driver for dummies", just fill in your numbers and go? (Well, maybe little
>bit more...).
>And is it necessary to use the driver at all, when I do not need my device
>virtualized, just one PC application is going to use it? I tried to read
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