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'Those vanishing bar code readers'
1997\02\20@032138 by Mark G. Forbes

Wow! I'm down to about 20 pieces left, after barely a
day of requests. If you've already sent me a snailmail
request for one, I guess you'd better send me a short
email with the quantity you requested. That way, I'll
have some idea of how many are spoken for. If I've
grossly underestimated the demand, I'll figure out
something, probably by either returning the payments
or just crediting them to the PICLIST fund.

Seems these things are a pretty popular item...I figured
I'd have trouble getting rid of 100 of them. Not so!

I may have other leftover stuff later....we're cleaning
out the 'dead stuff' stockroom, and if it looks useful
I'll let you all know what else we find.

Mark G. Forbes, R & D Engineer  |  Acres Gaming, Inc.    (541) 753-0553 x324
KC7LZD                          |  815 NW 9th Street     (541) 753-7524 fax                |  Corvallis, OR 97330

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