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'TN Data logger freeware ?.'
2003\05\04@164201 by moonshadow

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Trigeminal neuralgia is the most painful condition known to mankind and fortunately it is rare. For those of us who have it .... it is sheer hell.  I want to produce a small pocket sized neural stimulator that a Trigeminal neuralgia patient can use to block pain signals to the brain.  This causes the brain to signal the generation of opoides to block the pain.  Unfortunately in the case of face pain .... the body becomes tolerant of the opoides produced and they gradually become ineffective in blocking the pain.  I want to find out if the useful period of pain relief is days, weeks,months or years, before the body develops opoide tolerance that negates the effect of electrical stimulation.                 The patients reaction would be to increase the level of stimulation in order to produce even more natural opoides to block the pain.  I am specifically interested in investigating the nature of natural opoide tolerance. In order for me to measure the unwanted tolerance of the body to the naturally produced opoides .... I need to record the patients self imposed stimulation level (8 bit) at ten points in each daily cycle.  I would then like to access the patient weekly or monthly to download that recorded data from the pocket unit.              My question is .... what freeware exists, that will do the PC end of the data aquisition and presentation, preferably in graphical form.              I will probably use a PIC based recording system in the patients pocket unit.  I welcome suggestions, links etc on any relevant points. Thank you ..... John Kent.

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2003\05\05@023026 by Reinaldo Alvares

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I don't know if this is an option for you but, have you consider using
iButton memory devices? They are kind of expensive but easy to use. I have
used a DS1994 with excellent results for logging medication data and time on
wild animals. They are really tough ICs and worked well down to -35°C in
winter time. There is a data viewer for iButton devices free of charge from
I use our company's proprietary software for reading, accessing the device
and handling the data. I might be wrong, but somewhere I've heard that is
possible to export data from the viewer to MS excel spreadsheet. I don't
know for sure but it might be worth checking.
Is this a commercial project of some kind? Is it safe for the patients to
use that kind of stimulators? Finally, I'm not related to Maxim
semiconductors in any way, except for being a very satisfied costumer. I
hope this can help.
Best regards
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2003\05\05@044459 by moonshadow

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Thank you for the reply, I will have a look at the site you have suggested.
Personally I have never come across the iButton devices, but then again I
have been out of electronics for a long time. Pain caused me to consider the
possibility of an electronic solution.  No this is not a commercial thing in
any way. I had Gamma Knife treatment on the brain two months ago and I am
hoping that it will begin working in the next four months.  I feel a bit
guilty about all the other people out there with Trigeminal neuralgia and
wanted to see if I could help them. If it is a workable idea then maybe I
can get a charity interested in getting them made up and given away free to
those in need.
        Is it safe ?. Well I will be using three electrodes, one on each
hand and one on the gum. The electrode voltage has to be up to about 80
volts RMS at about 1mA.  Normally it is a problem getting two electrodes
onto the face / head and at the same time and make sure that the stimulation
current does not go through the brain stem, eyes or brain etc..  I am using
a differential system that only requires one electrode on the head and that
it on the gum where the pain trigger points are.  The two separate
heterodyne signals are fed up the arms ..... so the current misses all the
danger spots. This part of it is well proven and is used in dental
anesthesia.  The problem is the body developing tolerance to the induced
opiates at the site of the trigger points. That is why I need to monitor the
rate of tolerance in a selection of patients.
         The alternative is a $50,000 operation which would be completely
out of the question for poor people (people like myself :-).  It is worth a
try.  Thanks again for the info, I will follow it up ........... John

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2003\05\05@090136 by Madhu Annapragada

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I am a senior R&D guy at a lab automation company..look if you need parts,
or some testing done on boards (we have some pretty good test equipment in
house) please feel free to contact me either on or off list; will be glad to
help out. And of course the PICLIST is probably the best resource you have.
Good Luck

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