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PICList Thread
'Slight [OT] - PM Emulator stuff'
1999\04\15@135355 by Darrel Johansen

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    Lots of questions here, so I guess there are a lot of people reading
    this thread.  I'll try to answer some of the questions that have been

    - Interrupts?  The PICMASTER and MPLAB-ICE both support interrupts.

    - 16F87x?  We're working on a Processor Adapter for MPLAB-ICE right
    now. I just don't have the staff to do one for PICMASTER, too, so we
    made the decision to go forward on MPLAB-ICE only.  Tough decision, as
    Microchip usually bends over backwards to provide compatibility on our
    tools and try to do the best we can for all of our customers.  I think
    we make a good effort here (but I'm biased), but we just can't please
    everyone as the tools evolve.  Those of you who are planning on
    developing for the 16F87x and are on a tight budget should know that
    we're just about ready to release MPLAB-ICD.  If you attend the seminar
    series that's on the road now, you can get one at the reduced price of
    $129.  This is a real time debugger, device programmer, and demo board
    for the 16F87x.

    - Open up MPLAB interface spec?  I was kind of testing the waters with
    Scott Dattalo who runs the GNUPIC project.  I gave him software for
    the PICSTART 16B, hoping that someone would write some code for it.
    He's got that posted for public use.   We've received a number of
    requests for this.  If that went well, it's possible that we could
    publish other interface specs in the future.  Keeping it internal
    allows us to change it for now. As new devices are released, such as
    the 18Cxxx parts, the interface spec needed tweaking.  We do work
    closely with many third party developers and are willing to talk to
    anyone who wants to integrate tools into MPLAB, but so far don't want
    to open up MPLAB to the world for a variety of reasons including the
    one I mentioned above.

    - NT? - We're trying.  The problem is that we have to restructure the
    way that MPLAB talks to the emulators.  A straight driver for the
    current 16-bit MPLAB to NT runs so slow that it's unusable.  A full
    32-bit port of MPLAB is going to take some time.  We are looking into
    short and long term solutions.  We will have NT support eventually.
    We have NT support on PICSTART Plus and PRO MATE with MPLAB v4.00.14

    We'd prefer to answer technical questions on the Microchip
    conferences.  If there are other questions, I and other Microchip
    engineers follow those conferences and help out when we can.

    Darrel Johansen

1999\04\15@145827 by Julian Fine

Having used pic's since 1989, I think it was an nmos 55, I have spent a
fortune on emulators, Programmers etc all purchased at top dollar.
At last count we have had 9 in total ( at least we got rid of one to
Tjaart ) so if someone offers one for free thats the route we go no
I think it is about time that if a chip manufacturer wants you to use his
chips then they should supply you free of charge the nessesary equipment to
do so or give a sliding scale discount on usage of there chips. The bigger
the use the cheaper the equipment.
Thats my 10 cents worth.

************* Julian Fine ***********
********** ********
******* *******

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