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'Single PIC Computer(tm) SPC-1'
1997\02\28@095138 by Antti Lukats

               Single PIC Computer(tm) SPC-1

SPC-1 Features:
* 9600,8,N1 Serial Port
* 64 Bytes Program/Data Memory
* Embedded ARTI Interpreter Kernel
* Program Editor
* List Program
* Enter Data/Tokens
* Clear Memory
* Program Downloader (Simply send ASCII file)
* Integrated Debugger
* Run Program
* Single Step
* Display Registers

SPC-1 Components:
* PIC16C84 or F84 with SPC-1 Firmware
* 4MHz Crystal or Ceramic Resonator
* Two Resistors (Serial Port Input and Reset pull-up)

YES that makes a complete Computer!
Just connect to a ASCII terminal and you are ready to GO.

Features described above take less than 700 PIC Words so we have some
room for features, those we are looking into comments and advices what
functionality to add. I have been thinking about SOUND output, PULSE
Output, PWM, what else? There isnt much that can be added and also
it is to be kept in mind that the program memory is really tiny.


Silicon Studio will give 50 (fifty) PCB Boards suitable to mount
SPC-1 or to make some other project based on DIP18 PIC chip to:

A: Persons who send us creative advance comments about SPC-1 and
B: who sends us working SPC-1 programs (after SPC-1 publication)

Time is ticking :) first come first served.


SPC-1 is first real-life application featuring our ARTI kernel,
and it was only made as I found it funny.
Think about -> One Chip -> All the features of a Computer!

ARTI can be used in much more serious projects.
Or simply to make OTP Microcontrollers "re-cycleable".
Another bright idea :)

SPC-1 object code and documentation with hardware notes and sample
programs will be made public and is free for non-commercial use.

Antti Lukats 
Silicon Studio Ltd.

1997\02\28@101646 by efoc

Antti Lukats wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Yeah This sound like an ideal candidate forsome LANC R/C controlers I am
looking at developing. I have already agread to publish my work when it
is complete and have been asked for my R/C servo driver stuff already.
Having a tiny O/S on board with comms will half my efforts in supporting
routines and alow me to get on with the wizzy stuff I want to. I am
willing to pass you as well as anybody else who can help me or who wants
it the source diagrams Etc. just as soon as it is working.

Cheers Peter........
New Ideas come from those who
didn't know it wasn't possible

1997\02\28@101914 by David BALDWIN

All this is OK (PWM, SOUND,...) but what do you think adding something
to easily control intelligent LCD? It's easyer to debug, no?
You could also add some EEPROM control :)


'Single PIC Computer(tm) SPC-1'
1997\03\01@042111 by Dmitry Kiryashov
Antti Lukats wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Good day/Morning/etc...

How to obtain SPC-1 schematic and ARTI kernel to make first look on it ?

WBR Dmitry.

P.S. I've look at your web - another qustion - how to join your siclub ?

1997\03\01@072655 by Don McKenzie

Dmitry Kiryashov wrote:

> How to obtain SPC-1 schematic and ARTI kernel to make first look on it ?
> WBR Dmitry.
> P.S. I've look at your web - another qustion - how to join your siclub ?

For additional info on joining the SiClub, send a blank message to

For a generic circuit of the PIC16C84 as used in the ARTI design, have a
look at:

Although this is an overkill, it shows how simply it can be done.
You really only need a PIC16C84/04/P, one resistor, and a 4Mhz crystal
(with 2 caps) or a resonator.

The Comms port of your PC must hook up to the PIC with Serial in
connected to pin1 and Serial Out connected to pin 2. Hard isn't it?

I don't know if Antti has catered for both inverted and non-inverted
comms, so two files may be required along with a suitable circuit. This
may mean adding a serial 22K resistor for non-inverted comms in, or a
Max-232 type device for inverted comms.

The hex file(s) and instructions will be posted to a public place in the
very near future. It will be announced from possibly here and the
following List server.

A new List Server has been set up for SimmStick products:
Send a message to: with JOIN or LEAVE in the
body of your message to subscribe or unsubscribe.
To post questions and comments to the list send the message to

So stay tuned and don't change that dial!

Don McKenzie

SLI, the serial LCD that auto detects baud rates from 100 to 125K bps.
SimmStick(tm) A PIC proto PCB the size of a 30 pin Simm Memory Module.
Covers all versions of the PIC16cxx family plus the Atmel AT89C2051.

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