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'Simplest way to connect 5V with 3V logic'
1998\11\09@233726 by Starfire Zhu

Dear PIClisters,

In my current project, I need to connect a MPU powered by 3V to a DSP
powered by 5V. The probelm lies in connecting the bi-directional DATA
line in two different logic systems. In this case, I have selected two
open-drain ports to act as data pins, but I haven't yet found the
simplest way to convert the levels properly.

Would you be so kind to show me your solutions?

Thanks in advance!

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1998\11\10@004325 by Bob Blick

Cypress makes a chip, the CYBUS3384, that is fairly cheap and works well.


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1998\11\16@123123 by Harrison Cooper

So does TI and Toshiba.  You can tie the voltage for the 'other' bus to what
ever rail you want.  I know the TI parts does not require power sequencing,
but dunno about the cypress part.

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