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'Simplest filtering formula to high-pass filter _WA'
1997\03\20@001404 by Dmitry Kiryashov

Good Morning/Day/Evening All !

I hear there are some simplest equation that
may be used as low-pass and high-pass filters.

The low pass filter formula is  Y{n-1} = ( Sum[i=0..n-1] X{i} ) / n ;
i.e. average value from some one period.

Did anyone know similar formula to high-pass filter ?

WBR Dmitry.

1997\03\20@012322 by David BALDWIN

Of course, you can derivate the signal: Y(n)=(X(n)-X(n-1))/d where d is
the "time distance" between the samples. You can take n - (n-1), thus 1.

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