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'Serial Code for 16f84????'
1999\02\08@152317 by rideout

Looking for working code which simulates RS232 for the PIC16f84.

Anything would help
J. Rideout

1999\02\09@014305 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman

picon face
Most compilers have a serial library.
Use the compiler to see waht it will be in assembler.
Some compilers are free.... (e.g. mine:
Did you search on the web for PIC and asynchronous?
A lot of small projects on the web hae serial code in them,
see for instance my programmer (

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1999\02\09@111315 by Dave Johnson

>Looking for working code which simulates RS232 for the PIC16f84
Microchip's Application note 555 has one implementation...

Dave Johnson

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