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'Semiconductor news'
1999\04\19@102120 by Russell McMahon

picon face
Flame me privately (or send roses ;-)) if you think that I should
have OT'd this.

It will help to establish where the balance lies.

Reason for not putting OT is that some have OT filters so that they
can deal only with techo stuff and they are the one's who may well
benefit from this.

This is from a local supplier in ZN but we seem to be fairly close to
the coal face - it certainly seems world wide applicable.

Tain't PICs per se but are an indication where the market is going
(buy now ...)


           Russell McMahon


We are moving rapidly into a period of component shortages. Both
Motorola and ST are reporting increasing lead-times.

Mot linear is out to 12 weeks while ST logic and linear are similar
with some ST flash now on allocation. Please alert your purchasing

A reminder that Motorola last time buys for the 68HC705P9  and the
705J2 will be in 14 and 10 weeks respectively.
Also the HC11A1 has its last time buy date of 15 Sept 99.

Dallas have finally released their 87C52 compatible micro.
The DS87C550 is available in  68 pin PLCC
or 80 pin PQFP and features
   4 channels of 8-bit PWM .........
   8 channels 10-bit ADC ...........
   8k bytes EPROM ..........
   1k byte extra on-chip SRAM for MOVX access..........
   256 bytes scratchpad RAM ..............
plus of course Dallas High Speed Architecture
which allows the micro to run at 3
times the speed of the standard 8051core.



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