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'Sale on PICMaster?'
1998\11\30@163818 by David Reinagel

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       What's this about a saleon PICMasters?  Wher did you get the info?

Dave Reinagel

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1998\11\30@184559 by Jeff Jolie

Check out the Microchip web site!

Jeff Jolie
-----Original Message-----
From: David Reinagel <.....daverKILLspamspam@spam@CISCO.COM>
Date: Monday, November 30, 1998 4:38 PM
Subject: Sale on PICMaster?

>        What's this about a saleon PICMasters?  Wher did you get the info?
>Dave Reinagel
>> Date:         Mon, 30 Nov 1998 11:17:05 -0800
>> From: Gerhard Fiedler <EraseMElistsspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTHOME.COM>
>> Subject:      Re: Emulator comparison (ClearView/PICMaster)
>> >>Has anybody experience with both of these emulators, and would like to
>> >>a brief comparison or some anecdotes that help me decide between the
>> >>(ClearView with trace module)
>> >
>> >Gerhard, guten abend!
>> >
>> >I use the ClearView Mathias and love it.  It doesn't do 3V operation
>> >you still on that project) but if you can do your work at 5V, I can't
>> >recommend a better tool.
>> Hi Andy!
>> I knew that, and that's basically the reason for my question. Microchip
>> a sale for their PICMaster, and it's about the same price now as the
>> ClearView. I was hoping for some feedback comparing the two.
>> ge

'Sale on PICMaster?'
1998\12\03@050608 by Gerhard Fiedler
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At 13:36 11/30/98 -0800, David Reinagel wrote:
>       What's this about a saleon PICMasters?  Wher did you get the info?

i think at the microchip site. but andy kunz warned me that they
discontinued the thing, so that's the reason for the sale. i tend to think
it's not worth it, then.


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