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'Ryan Pogge Robert Mellgren was: Counting, any'
1999\04\02@044415 by llgren

But please......

i was trying to help this little fella out, telling him what many people in here feel about giving away their code finished code or their finished product. And tried to give him som VB hints.( note that i did not send that message to the list, incase it would give negative effects on his chances of actually getting it )  I got a mail today from him with more unpleasent remarks such as, "suck it" and "tight ass" and so on. i think this discussion is very inapropriate in this list and therefore will not give it anymore time. i just had to get it through though, and i believe Ryan know that i am right somewhere deep in there.

AND I DID NOT WRITE ANYWHERE THAT HE IS A MORON, damn Ryan is this a kiddie way of getting what u want i do not like it at all. Please show proper neticette, this is low. what the heck lock att the bottom of this message i have pasted my mail to him for those who are interested, so any missunderstanding may go away.

Excuse this

{Original Message removed}

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