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PICList Thread
'Request for RS232 code'
1997\01\15@134437 by Scott Horton


I'll be happy to send you a copy of my RS232 code when it's done, however,
I'm doing some abnormal stuff like sending bits to a shift register
between bit's, etc....probably confusing and harder to extract what you

For really straightforward RS232 examples with documentation, go to
Parallax's ftp site: and get:

/pub/acrobat/picapps.pdf  (pdf format.  the reader is there too, if you
need it)

Also get:

The app's use their dialect of assembler and the instruction-translation
(that's in the readme file) can be used to convert to standard
instructions which is very simple.  Most of their instructions convert to
1 or 2 Microchip instructions.  Very easy.  Very good examples.  Let me
know if you still need help.


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